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Antigua Guatemala

Xela’s delicious bread

Since the early hours of the day, locals and foreigners form lines to take fresh bread to their tables.

Of every trip, you commonly remember the best, and the most experienced travelers make a big emphasis on the different foods of every region. They are completely right and even if there could be some to whom it might seem strange, in Xela buying bread is something that is always included in the agenda, comprising the antechamber to a flavorful feast.

One of the preferred places is the bakery Xelapán, specialized in the diverse varieties of the region. As any other traditional bakery, they open from Monday thru Saturday and in their baskets you will always find warm varieties of different flavors. On Sundays they are open until midday, and since it commonly is the day that travelers must go back to their homes, you will observe long lines of national and foreign tourists entering through their doors.

The shelves are constantly renovated with fresh bread.

Delicious breakfast

There are some, that during the early hours of the morning, unbelieving but by recommendation of friends, go to the bakery to buy some bread for their breakfast. Besides, it is not strange to watch the same person come twice on the same day to the bakery…

Muffins, small cakes, filled sweet bread, rolls, hojaldras, champurradas, pan francés, sweet biscuits, cakes, and of course, the most praised of all, the molletes and famous shecas.

All the bread is recently prepared.

The molletes are sweet breads covered with flour and sugar.  The shecasvary from those flavorless (to accompany any type of food) to the sweet oneswhich are mixed with cinnamon or anise.

Of course, the ones who usually disappear pretty fast…the jelly filledshecas.

During your early shopping you can see the bakersworking, preparing the bread dough, which is part of the attraction inQuetzaltenango.

Since early in the morning, Xelapán opens daily half a block from the Centroamérica Park.

Where to buy this delicious bread?

There are different subsidiaries, but the most famous of all for tourists, due to its location, is the one in the Historic Center of Quetzaltenango, about half a block from the Centroamérica Park.

Text and pictures: Héctor Roldán




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