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United Nations National Park

This park (Parque Nacional Naciones Unidas) is located only 21.5 kilometers from Guatemala City downtown. The 373 hectares of area is the adequate space for many cultural, recreational and environment education that can be carried on within.

Pelícanos Hotel: rest, fun, and food.

Located at the South coast of Guatemala is an exclusive place devoted to adventure, fun and relaxation, with the sound of the ocan and the joy of delicious food.

Mixco Viejo, a good Choice to visit

Usually known as Mixco Viejo, Jilotepeque Viejo is located in the north-east of the Department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

Party at Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango belongs to the municipality of the department of Quiché, at the northwest of the country. It is located 145 kilometers away from Guatemala City and it has tons of cultural wealth.

Sailfish at Big Buoy Fishing

Enjoying the best fishing experience of the world is in the Pacific Ocean of Guatemala.

Havana Cigar Bar, an Oasis at Pez Vela Marina

The perfect place to enjoy the sea with an excellent environment and delight yourself with a variety of liquors or 100% Guatemalan coffee, and exclusive Cuban, Domenican, Bahaman, Hondurean and Guatemalan cigars.

Mangroves, biodiversity wealth

A path among water channels and mangroves islands in a wooden boat is an outrageous experience at which the visitor enjoys an ecological Paradise and incredible sightseeing.

Marine turtles, fighting to survive

In the Pacific coast of Guatemala, located at Santa Rosa department, is Monterrico, a very popular spot for different types of tourists. Monterrrico is recognized for its black sand beaches and for the amount of turtles that get there to spawn and lay eggs every year.

Pinabete (Hemlock), a species in ways to extinction

Christmas is coming and most Guatemalans look forward to having a Christmas tree for home. This foreign tradition is placing in danger a unique species in Guatemala: The pinabete.

Cerrito del Carmen, a place full of stories

One of the most historic and distinctive places of Guatemala City El Cerrito del Carmen, a spot declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. It is a place full of legends, stories, and art to be visited by families.