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Antigua Guatemala

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Santo Domingo Xenacoj

Xenacoj: its name has varied along time, since its original one:l Sinacao, changing to Xencoc and later Xinacó; ending with the name of Xenacoj, which according to some oral tradition refers to the Nacoj hill and others that state that it means “under the growl of the lion”.

Among the attractives of the place, we can count its colorful landscape and varied crops that are located closed to the urban area.  The central park shows a particular architectural beauty with its city hall building and the church, both to one side of the park.  

Next to the temple, we find a market with a variety of fruits and vegetables with favorable prices.  In the upper part of the building, there are regional restaurants which offer delicious food.

Colorful Saints
The temple has a barroque style and its front part has singular details that surprise the beholder.  It is one of the very few catholic temples that have colored sculputures , which means that the sculpures of the saints in the front are painted with colors . (Another example of a catholic temple with multicolor front part and colored saints is the one in San Andrés Xecul in Totonicapán).

Santo Domingo Xenacoj City Hall

The front of the City Hall of Santo Domingo Xenacoj portraits everyday image of the population, iconic activities of the common life.

-foto-1--18-4-2013The population of Xenacoj is mainly Mayan Kaqchikel and ladinos, being the dominant languages Spanish and  Kaqchikel.

Its regional fair i son August  4, honoring its patron, Saint Domingo of Guzmán.

During this fair, the muslim dance is a tradition, as well as the drinking contests and the popular ribbon race in front  of the brotherhood (Cofradía).

During the month of november, the visitor can enjoy displays of kites, a very important costume in the West of the country.

It is an excelent destiny to practice mountain cycling due to the abundance and wide variety of paths and routes within valleys, hills, and forests.

-foto-1--18-4-2013Reaching Santo Domingo Xenacoj
To reach this amazing place, the visitor must drive through the Interamerican way towards the West of Guatemala, passing in front of the town of San Lucas towards Chimaltenango.

About  45 minutes of Guatemala city one may find the signs that indicate the turn to the right in order to reach this town.

Different real estate projects are located through the path that takes the visitor to the heart of Xenacoj.

At the same time, with multicolor crops and small rivers with the songs of birds welcome the visitor to this singular and charming town.

Text and Pictures: Héctor Roldán