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Antigua Guatemala

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Los Aposentos, Chimaltenango

Los Aposentos is located in Chimaltenango and provides its visitors with a relaxing atmosphere as well as enjoyment, they can experience a fresh day, tasting delicious foods and typical desserts, or even enjoy the traditional churrasquitos (roasted meat inside a tortilla accompanied by guacamole and boiled tomato sauce).

The most significant memory of the place is a swan located in the middle of the lagoon and the bushy trees.

Visitors can have a ride in the boats or special canoes that contain pedals instead of motor (bicy-ships).

Up to date, the price of the entrance is Q5, though many prefer to save exercise and decide to relax watching the reflex of the calm waters or feed the ducks.

Between pools and Restaurants

Next to the lagoon there are cool water pools as it is not allowed to swim in the lagoon.  On the other side, one can find the restaurants.

In the center, the predominant business are small shops which sell traditional toys made of Wood, some bracelets, plastic toys such as music boxes that work with wind clock mechanism.

One can also take to the place prepared food and locate in the grass as well as in the tables and benches inside small kioskos around the lagoon. There are restrooms for the use of visitors.

Los Aposentos was declared a National Park in1955 during the government of president Castillo Armas and it receives visitors every day.  The entrance ticket is  Q5 per person and Q5 for parking ticket, (effective as of this visit).  Manteinnance charges are under the responsibility of Chimaltenango City Hall.

Getting to Los Aposentos

Take the Interamerican road CA1, towards Chimaltenango, when you get there, you will find commercial stores and the road that joins the urban center and allows the way to Tecpán.  Right after this point (going east) you will see a left turn that reads 'To Antigua Guatemala', take such turn and after 10 minutes you will reach the Los Aposentos National Park.

Through the same way, you can reach Pastores village and then La Antigua Guatemala, the whole trip lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Text and photos: Héctor Roldán