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Antigua Guatemala

Coffee surrounded by history and variety

An assorted and pleasant environment surrounds the tables at Café Baviera.

The first time newcomers enter the place, they ask themselves if this is a kind of museum, coffee-bar or restaurant, when actually it is all of these.

They have a big amount of tourists that come in for breakfast, by suggestion of their own friends, since their main letter of recommendation is the quality of their dishes.

Among their menu, sausages stand out, prepared in an Italian style, as well as natural juices and Guatemalan coffee.

The walls are ornamented with an extensive amount of photographs of famous characters and strange news: John Lennon, The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, front pages of the Life Magazine and different collection objects.

However, the most intriguing and meaningful are the historic photographs from Guatemala and Quetzaltenango.

The recalled Ferrocarril de los Altos sticks out; images and history of past presidents of the country, pictures with reviews of the coins and money of Guatemala; each one leaving a score in the memory of visitors.

It is hard to comment the type of impression they create, but without a doubt, those who capture the view of nationals as well as that of foreigners for the longest time are the ones of the elegant indigenous musicians and workers, who proudly posed at the time.

Not only their dishes are giving something to talk about, the music is also a big part of the uncommon atmosphere of the place.

It is difficult to leave

Without a question, this is a place 'to stay', since it has a very pleasant environment. The music changes, but it keeps the line of 'lounge' and jazz, either using compact disks or with live presentations.

Hundreds of pictures and historic news are exhibited on its walls and store windows.

How to find Café Baviera

It is located one block away from the Centroamerica Park in the Historic Center of Quetzaltenango. If you visit, besides enjoying a delicious meal, you will certainly learn some aspects of the history of Guatemala and Quetzaltenango.

Text and pictures: Héctor Roldán




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