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Antigua Guatemala

Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum is located at the front shore of Yaxhá Lagoon, beside the parking area.

It is important to mention that all the construction was made under ecological directions, using only dead nature of the area.  No healthy tree was cut; all the wooden structures were based in dead tree or naturally fallen tree trunks.

Visiting the museum has no cost at all; the only requirement is that photographs must be taken without flash, in order to preserve the samples.


The museum counts with colorful vases and pottery of diverse uses, from daily uses to those used for ceremonial events.


Among the found pieces there are sculptures of different sizes, as well as seals and whistles.

Yaxhá is located in the department of Petén, at the north of the country, in a jungle area that hosts several Mayan sites and in fact, is a city of great size, in the neighborhood of the ceremonial complex of Tikal.

The average temperature is warm to hot with high rates of humidity.  In Summer, it is intensely hot.

Reaching Yaxhá

From Guatemala City, one must take the road to the Atlantic-Izabal, and from there drive north through Poptún, department of Petén.  It is a total of eight hours driving through the road that heads to the capital of the department, where one will find a detour to El Remate, Flores and Yaxhá (towards the border with Belize).  One must turn right and continue straight ahead until reaching the signs indicating the cross to an unpaved road to the left (in good conditions) that goes down to the National Park Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo.

After some minutes of driving that way, the main entrance appears.  It is recommended to descend at moderate speed as the area hosts transit of fauna and luckily, one may see samples of different species crossing the road.

Gasoline and gear

The visitor must take into account that from the crossroad towards Flores-Tikal and Yaxhá there are no gas stations until the border with Belize, reason for which it is recommended to full the car tank and have the appropriate gear in case of unexpected situations.

There is no hotel infrastructure in National Park Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo due to its nature, but it counts with high platforms for camping, as well as with plain ground at the front.

Generally, visitors stay at the hotels in the center of Petén, San Benito, la Libertad, or even in El Remate.

Fauna of the Area

The platforms are the most recommended site to stay the night as they were built with that purpose, due to the varied fauna of the area: morileti crocodile in the lagoon, jaguars and other middle-sized felines.

Text and photos: Hector Roldán
This trip was made thanks to TACA Regional, Tikal Camino Real Hotel, and Mayan adventures.